Frequently Asked Questions


Q - Are your products safe?
A - Yes! We use child-safe materials and undergo numerous testings on all our products to ensure compliance with consumer product standards.

Q - Do you have a warranty on your products?
A - We have a full 1-year replacement unlimited warranty on all Kay&Max products and would be happy to send a replacement in case of a defect. If there are any problems with your product, simply reach out to us using the contact form here or emailing us directly at, so our team can help you resolve the issue.

Q - Do you have a guarantee on your products?
A - We offer a full 1-year 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or your money back. If for any reason you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply reach out to us using the contact form here, so our team will make arrangements for you to receive a full refund (less shipping, if applicable).

Q - Where can I buy your Products?
A - All of our products are available online at and

Q - Where do you ship?
A - We ship within the United States.

Q - When will my order ship?
A - All domestic (US) order will ship and be delivered to you within 4-7 business days.

Q - Do you sell your product at any retail locations?
A - We currently only offer our products on and We are in talks with some large retailers and will keep you posted on any new retail stores that carry our products.

Q - I ordered my product on and would like a refund on my purchase. How do I do that?
A - To receive a refund on Amazon, please contact us here with "Amazon Refund" in the subject line and your Amazon order id # in the body of the email.

Q - Do you offer an affiliate program?
A - We are in the process of developing our affiliate program. Please click here to inquire about becoming an affiliate.

Q - I'm a distributor and want to sell your products. Who do I contact?
A - Please click here and fill out the Retail & Distributor contact form.

Q - I have a question that wasn’t answered here. Who can I contact?
A - Please click here or you may reach us at

Baby Handprint & Footprint Kit

Q - Is the clay non-toxic?
A - Yes it definitely is! Our clay is completely safe and non-toxic. While we recommend not letting baby play with the clay unsupervised, if your baby does consume the clay it will not harm them.

Q - Up to what age do you recommend for this kit?
A - Babies from 0-12 months will easily fit the dimensions to include both their hand and foot, but we also have had many moms with toddlers use the space effectively.

Q - Do I need to add water to the clay?
A - No! Our clay requires no mixing or baking. You simply knead the clay for at least 3 minutes to ensure you smoothed out all the air bubbles and it will then be ready to be formed for your prints.

Q - How do I put the clay into the frame?
A - We suggest kneading the three (3) supplied clay packages together using only your hands. DO NOT put them down on any surface as the white clay will pick up lint and other substances. Make sure the three (3) pieces have been combined into one smooth, solid mass. Once completed you should no longer be able to tell the mass was once three separate pieces and you can place the ball of clay onto the center of the backboard of the frame.

Q - How long does the clay take to dry?
A - Because our clay doesn’t require any mixing or baking, to dry completely it will take four (4) or more days to dry. It is very important to let the clay dry in an open-air environment at room temperature before putting it together. DO NOT expose the clay in direct sunlight. This way you will avoid cracks. Once the clay is dry you can place in your frame.

Q - How do I know when it's dry?
A - You must dry the clay in an open-air environment at room temperature before putting it together. DO NOT expose the clay in direct sunlight. You'll know when it's completely dry when it's very hard to the touch. DO NOT touch the clay during the drying period. Remember to keep the frame OPEN when drying, don't put on the glass cover until it's dry.

Q - How do I get my baby to hold their hand steady for the print?
A - You can try to open up their fingers onto a flat surface like a table, and then quickly move their hand onto the clay, or gently wiggle their fingers open as you're pressing down on the clay. Otherwise, there's always nap time! Most of our customers don't have trouble with this though, so you should be fine.

Q - Will the clay make my baby's skin dry?
A - No it won't but we suggest using some baby lotion on the hand or foot before placing into the clay. Make sure to clean baby's hand and foot with warm water and soap straight away.

Q - Where do I place the pictures?
A - We suggest placing both pictures on top of the small cutouts of the frame. Although the opening for the photos is 2.75" x 2.75", be sure and cut the pictures slightly larger than the openings and secure them with the double-sided tape. This will keep it firmly placed.

Q - What do I do if the frame isn't tight enough when assembled?
A - In this case tighten the screws at the rear of the frame and make sure to use double sided sticky tape to hold everything into place.

Q - I have a question that wasn’t answered here. Who can I contact? 
A - Please click here or you may reach us at